In Piura there are very important craft centers for the quality of their work and tradition that these people cultivate from generation to generation.

The district of Catacaos is known for its crafts and cuisine. The town, with more than 54,171 inhabitants, is predominantly agricultural and artisan. This town forged its future with algarrobo, straw hats and with its filigree of gold and silver.

Catacaos, is considered as the artisan capital of Piura located 12 km. of the city, its root is mainly in the Tallan culture and is characterized by the production of cotton, high quality for its texture and long fibers, it is highly valued both at home and abroad.

Something very characteristic of Catacaos is the innate ability of its artisans who do wonders of gold and silver, as well as straw, wood, leather, mud and garments coveted by the hundreds of domestic and foreign tourists who come to these sunny lands.

Current consumers have a greater preference for natural products made by hand of export quality, this being the main skill of artisan men and women in the area, which is much desired by foreign competitors. Panama is one of the countries that takes advantage of the benefits in the production of straw hats, from the artisans of this traditional Piura town.

LA CASA DEL SOMBRERO, is a company dedicated to the commercialization of Hats, Wallets and accessories made of straw Toquilla, straw palm and straw Junco, was founded on November 3, 2005 in the city of Catacaos.- Piura.



We are a company dedicated to the production and commercialization of hats and handmade accessories made of natural straw, palm and rushes, promoting the skill of the fabric and identity of the artisans of the Catacaos area, managing to show and transmit the culture of our region to world.



To be a leading company in the production and marketing of hats and accessories made of natural straw, palm and reed, achieving presence with our products in strategic locations in Peru and thus become a regional and international brand.


Develop a culture of honesty that generates trust in the company – client relationship and vice versa.

Be always committed to the total satisfaction of the client.

Cultivate and develop the phrase “The Client Always Has Some Reasons”.

Raise awareness among customers to prefer handmade products.


Achieve recognition of our products nationally and internationally.

.  Achieve our company and its products to be distinguished and accepted in the face of the diversity of products in the area.

Position the name of the company through the quality of its products.

.  Develop a culture of constant innovation.

.  Search for customer loyalty through relational marketing strategies.


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